Investment Management


Our Investment Philosophy

At Forbes Financial Planning, we take a prudent approach to managing your assets. We carefully select investment managers that follow the guiding principles of targeted asset allocation, trading risks for return payoff, and keeping expenses low by utilizing a selection of both actively managed and exchange traded funds. Our goal is to educate and guide you on how to grow and protect your assets when the markets are in a downturn by adding exposure to many different holdings and asset categories. After carefully identifying our personal risk tolerance, we tailor diversified portfolios to match your specific needs, and then continue to monitor and rebalance your portfolios on a regular basis to ensure you are protecting your wealth for future generations. 

The advice we provide to our clients is guided by the following 10 principles:

  • Embrace market pricing: with millions of participants trading securities globally on a daily basis, the current prices of these securities reflect the real time information available to investors

  • Don’t try to outguess the market: the market’s pricing power has an effective outcome on performance, as evidenced by only 19% of actively managed US Equity mutual funds that have survived and outperformed their benchmarks over the past 15 years

  • Resist chasing past performance: most investors make investment decisions based on past performance, which provides very little insight to the fund’s ability to outperform in the future

  • Let the markets work for you: taking a “buy and hold” approach to the markets have rewarded long term investors by providing returns that have outpaced inflation

  • Consider the drivers of return: utilizing academic research that analyses the “premiums” of return can provide positive differences in performance and overall costs

  • Practice smart diversification: adding broad exposure to global investments can help reduce risks that have no expected return, and reduce volatility over the long term

  • Avoid market timing: trying to guess which market segments will outperform from year to year is extremely difficult; owning a broad selection of global securities will position your portfolio to seek returns wherever they occur

  • Manage your emotions: two things are certain- the market will go up and the market will go down.  Reacting to current market conditions may lead to poor decisions at the worst times

  • Look beyond the headlines: daily market news and commentary can challenge even the best investment disciplines, which is why we help you understand the consequences of chasing the latest investment fads

  • Focus on what you can control: we aim to create a better investment experience by developing a personalized investment plan and helping you stay focused on actions that add value

Asset Management

Our investment management structure operates under the belief that markets work. We engage in an evidenced based approach to help our clients grow investments in a responsible method.

We offer structured portfolios with a focus on low expense ratios and focus on investment options with a higher expected return. Our goal is to help educate our clients on the way they approach investing.

Each of our model portfolios is diversified with multiple asset classes and investment styles. Whether your investment strategy focuses on long-term growth of capital, generating current income, or a combination of these objectives, one of our portfolios will have an appropriate strategy to meet your goals. We will decide on an investment objective upon initial client-advisor meeting. From there on, there will be periodic reviews to discuss any modifications to portfolio.

Fee Structure

The investment management structure for Forbes Financial is fee-only. We do not charge commissions like many brokers in Rhode Island. Fee-only allows us and the investor to have a clear understanding of what they are getting charged for. We have listed below the fee schedule based on assets under management.

Management Fees

First $500,000 1.00% or less
$500,001-$1,000,000 0.75% or less
Above $1,000,000 0.50% or less


Fees vs. Commissions

By utilizing a fee structure, we are able to engage in a management structure with transparency and mobility. There are no commission based or loaded mutual funds in our portfolios. This keeps costs down and allows more money to work on the client's behalf to reach financial goals. We have the freedom to utilize no-load mutual funds and ETF’s from most any fund family.

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